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Day 1
  AA_Poker_101, Feb 09 2007

Today I am starting my journey to limit my excessive Poker abuse. I have been playing almost non-stop and after 9 days I have almost reached Gold Star status on I am going to be setting goals for myself each day and try to follow them accordingly. My goal as of right now is to play the 50/1$ tables from 5:30 PM at night to 7:00 PM at night. if I lose 100$ I quit playing for the rest of that night. My goal is to make 100$ a night playing poker. Tonight I start my journey and I will post nice hands of the night while playing them. Good Luck to me~

That was the biggest hand of the 10 minute Poker Session. I must say, it was a pretty Donkey play by me and was thinking I was running into a Pocket Pair and was in a coin flip situation but instead the donkey has A4 thinking I was bluffing, GG. Right now I am just playing a FPP Satelite to Sunday Million and then I will head back to Starcraft. Good day Gentlemen~

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